Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans"

(And while on the topic...) After over a year since their 1st single, it's finally time for a debut album from post-Shibuya-kei pop duo Vanilla Beans!

WIth 3 maxi-singles and several download releases until now, fans will already know most of the songs, although it seems we have 4 brand new ones and also 3 album versions. Either way, this is a greatly expected album that should make Shibuya-kei and girl pop fans very happy. Includes songs with music written by bice and Dr.USUI (Motocompo) (one track each).

Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans"
バニラビーンズ 「バニラビーンズ」

Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans" バニラビーンズ 「バニラビーンズ」1. Opening ~Instrumental~
2. sakasaka Circus
3. U ♥ Me
4. happy merry-go-round
5. kimagure na Palette Type
6. Winter Has Gone
7. ashita wa ashita no natsu ga kuru (Album Ver.)
8. Afternoon a Go-Go (Album Ver.)
9. Shopping☆Kirari (Album Ver.)
10. Nicola
11. Vanillad
12. Ending ~Instrumental~
13. Afternoon a Go-Go ~We Love You MIX~ (Remastering Ver.)
14. Shopping☆Kirari ~Okite Porsche + Dr.USUI Waterfront Mix~ (Remastering Ver.)
15. ashita wa ashita no natsu ga kuru ~Okite Porsche + Dr.USUI Death Techno Mix~ (Remastering Ver.)

Tokuma TKCA-73412
Out 2009/2/25, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, バニラビーンズ - バニラビーンズ

Vanilla Beans "sakasaka Circus" video

Vanilla Beans "Nicola" video

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