Vanilla Beans "Nicola"

Shibuya-kei idol duo Vanilla Beans are back with a new single, follow-up to last year's "U ♥ Me". This comes after a swift member change (goodbye Rika, hello Risa), be nice ok!

This new release comes with a DVD with 2 music videos, and all design and visuals are said to be by Hiro Sugiyama (Enlightenment).

Official release page
Video of the former Rena and Rika performing for the Japanese Embassy in Denmark!?

Vanilla Beans "Nicola" バニラビーンズ バニラ・ビーンズ 「ニコラ」Vanilla Beans "Nicola"
バニラビーンズ 「ニコラ」

1. Nicola
2. Nostalgy
3. Nicola (Instrumental)
4. Nostalgy (Instrumental)

Tokuma TKCA-73321
Out 5/21, ¥1429 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon (10% off *), HMV, Amazon U.S., バニラビーンズ - ニコラ - EP
* Discount at time of writing

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Excellent track...

Patrick, is this produced by Konishi, like the previous single?

Posted by Damian on

No no, neither are produced by Konishi. I was surprised that there's no known names in the liner notes for both singles.

But yes, great tack indeed. :)

Posted by Patrick on

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