Updates: Tei Towa, Natsuki Mari

A few track lists have been added!

Tei Towa "Flash"
Track list added. Includes recent limited 7" single "Different Nu Nu"!

Natsuki Mari "sensō wa owatta"
Track list added.

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"Alcohol" should be the Kahimi Karie one, what do you think ? Any other covers that you recognise from the titles ? (excluding "La guerre est finie", of course)

Posted by Mauro on

Sounds like a very good guess, since it was written by Konishi! I didn't even remember about that one. :)

I don't think I recognize any other titles. Hopefully there will be a lot of new original songs!

Posted by Patrick on

I'm curious how "furui Europe de wa" relates to p5's "America de wa" :)

Hope there's no spoken word track this time. Mari has a beatiful voice, but it takes the pace out of the album.

Posted by Erik on

Haha, it would be funny if it was a sort of "America de wa" for Europe! "America de wa" is a song from an old Japanese musical, I got to see part of it and it was really great! The song is used in a scene where a Japanese company is trying to Americanize itself.

Spoken word seems to be the trend at Readymade lately... I hope at least there won't be too much of it, though I don't mind little bits as intros or such.

Posted by Patrick on

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