Unicorn "URMX"

Unicorn, the band of Okuda Tamio that just got back to life this year, has a remix album coming this week, featuring remixes by Konishi Yasuharu, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Tokumaru Shūgo, Takagi Kan, Tahiti 80 and more.

Unicorn "URMX"

1. Hattori (Oddity Remix) (remixed by Oddity)
2. daimeiwaku (Readymade dai mix) (remixed by Konishi Yasuharu)
3. subarashii hibi (Sonny J Toichi Toichi Remix) (remixed by Sonny J)
4. WAO! (Tahiti 80 Remix) (remixed by Tahiti 80)
5. hataraku otoko (FPM Everlust Mix) (remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine)
6. jitensha dorobō (Shugo Tokumaru Remix) (remixed by Tokumaru Shūgo)
7. Bossa Nova tōsan (applebonker Remix) (remixed by applebonker)
8. Maybe Blue (N2O '94 Hardcore Maybe Blue Remix) (remixed by N8LOC)
9. hige to boin (The SHOES (that Jessie wore on the day of the great banquet) Remix) (remixed by The SHOES)
10. pekepeke (TAKAGIKAN Remix) (remixed by Takagi Kan)
11. kimi to dekaketa (The Remix Ride) (remixed by Malcolm McLaren)
12. PTA ~hikari no Network~ (Tom Tom Club Remix) (remixed by Tom Tom Club)
13. hana kara gyūnyū (N8LOC Hana Kara Tequila Vamos Remix) (remixed by N8LOC)

SME Records SECL-797
Out 7/22, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, CD Japan

In August will be released a vinyl edition coming as two 12"'s.

Unicorn "URMX" (2 x 12")

SME Records SEJL-22
Out 8/5, ¥3334 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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