"Trainsurfer 1" (DVD)

Trainsurfer 1By the same director as Steam kakarichō, Nakao Hiroyuki, comes Trainsurfer, another fun CG shorts series featuring real people. This one puts its guests in situations on top of Tokyo trains!
The show aired on MTV Japan has featured the likes of Yokoyama Ken (Crazy Ken Band), and even Beastie Boys had their turn riding Yamanote-line the unusual way!
This first DVD will contain 15 episodes, though the Beasties' won't be included this time, and will be released on the same day as "Steam kakarichō: owarai geinin vs. kakarichō hen".

The DVD was actually first planned to be released on April 28 this year, but was delayed due to the grave Fukuchiyama-line accident on April 25.

To watch a sample episode, go to the official site and, after entering the site, click "play movie".

"Trainsurfer 1" (DVD)
(Region 2 / NTSC, Japanese with English subtitles)

Paramount PPA-111646
Out 3/10, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon (pre-orders 22% off!)

Also available is a limited edition including an original T-shirt in collaboration with Beams. Only 3000 sets will be sold.

Paramount PPSJ-1027
Out 3/10, ¥7000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon (pre-orders 22% off!)

(Chapter list to be added when available.)

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