Toshiyuki Yasuda "Landfall" (Download)

Toshiyuki Yasuda has a new single out now digitally! This comes in advance of a 6th album of which all details have yet to be announced. Check out these three different versions of "Landfall", available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon MP3, etc.

Check out this post for more details about the release.

Stay tuned for word on the new album, hopefully soon!

Toshiyuki Yasuda "Landfall" (Download)

1. Landfall
2. Landfall (Vocoded)
3. Landfall (Acoustic Reprise)

Megadolly / Styrism
Out 8/25
Sample/buy: 安田寿之「Landfall - Single」を iTunes で, Amazon MP3 U.S., Amazon MP3 Japan, Spotify

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