The Lady Spade "Phenomenon"

The Lady Spade has released just recently a brand new mini-album, the follow-up to "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" (2014). Their sound is more sophisticated and danceable than ever, cuter but also perhaps a bit scarier!?

That the album is available physically only via Tower Records (which ships only within Japan), however it's also on iTunes, Spotify, OTOTOY, Amazon MP3, etc.

A special show will be held on Friday October the 13th at Shibuya Glad, starting at 19:00. Special guest act The Aprils, whose recent single "Horror Survivor" was a collaboration with The Lady Spade, will also be part of the show. Tickets are on sale.

The Lady Spade "Phenomenon"
その名はスペィド 「Phenoメnon」

(Japanese artist name: sono na wa Spade)

1. tottemo kanashii ohanashi o waratta kao de shika hanasanai oningyō no monogatari
3. makeup↑makedown↓
4. odoranaiwa
5. Stripe Stripe Stripe
6. Trick or Die

Vulgar Display Music VDM-0003
Out now (9/6), ¥ 1667 (excl. tax)
Order: Tower Records , Phenomenon - EP (World), その名はスペィド「Phenoメnon - EP」を Apple Music で (Japan), Amazon MP3 U.S., Amazon MP3 Japan, OTOTOY, Spotify
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Teaser clip

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