The 30th Anniversary of NYLON100%

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of NYLON100%, a café/bar that was located in Shibuya from the late 70's throughout the 80's (now defunct) and had an important place in Japan's punk and new wave scene, a bunch of artists from the day will play special shows over two days. It's a rare opportunity to catch currently inactive artists such as Portable Rock (feat. Nomiya Maki) and many others.

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The 30th Anniversary of NYLON100%
at Daikanyama Unit

The 30th Anniversary of NYLON100% NYLON 100%July 9 (Wednesday)

Nakanishi Toshio (ex-Plastics)
Portable Rock (feat. Nomiya Maki)
Ueno Kōji & His Orchestra
8 1/2

July 10 (Thursday)

Saeki Kenzō & Boogie the Mach Motors
Space Ponch
Togawa Jun
Tokyo Bravo (w/ guest Chikada Haruo (Vibrastone))

Opens at 17:30, starts at 18:30
Price: ¥4500 each day (tickets on sale 5/17 via Pia 291-329, Lawson 76079, e+) + drink

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