Tei Towa "Flash"

Tei Towa's new album will be here in April!
The album will feature a bunch of guest artists such as Sakamoto Ryūichi, Nomiya Maki, Tycoon To (Nakanishi Toshio (Plastics, [Water] Melon,...)), Buffalo Daughter, Arto Lindsay, Moritaka Chisato, Kylie Minogue, Byron Stingily (ex. Ten City), and more!

A foreign release is being planned for summer 2005.

Tei Towa "Flash"

TEI Towa "Flash"1. Milkyway feat. Sakamoto Ryuichi & Yukalicious
2. Sometime Samurai feat. Kylie Minogue
3. Different Nu Nu feat. Masaya (Kitsune)
4. Melody feat. Byron Stingily
5. Risk A Moment feat. Luomo
8. Bianco feat. Arto Lindsay
6. Red Carp Jumbo
7. Congo feat. Atom TM
9. Hunter Green
10. My Sharona feat. Tycoon To & Buffalo Daughter

V2 V2CP-210
Out 4/2, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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