Team Syachihoko "ii kurashi EP" (12")

Nagoya-based idol group Team Syachihoko have a 12" EP coming of the recent acid-infused TB-303 track "ii kurashi" (produced by Yoshida Tetsuto) and two remixes by Gonno and Dr.Tetto, in minimal Balearic and tech-house styles respectively. The 12" first dropped incognito in record shops as a white label with the title "Good Life EP", grabbing DJs attention country-wide.

This official release with a proper jacket is exclusive to HMV, related to the new opening of the HMV Record Shop in Shibuya, a store specialized in used vinyl.

Team Syachihoko "ii kurashi EP" (12")

A. Gonno / "Shut It Horror Core" Dub
B1. Dr.Tetto / More Today Than Yesterday Mix
B2. Original Japanese Vocal

Official release
HMV Record Shop SHA-001
Out 8/20, ¥1715 (excl. tax)
Order: HMV

White label release
Unknown label SYA-777
Out now (7/17), ¥1524 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

"ii kurashi" (Original Japanese Vocal)

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