Tamaki Roy "nagi"

Rapper Tamaki ROY has new album out now! This is the follow-up to "Lucky" (2013). Most songs are collaborations with various producers, including Miura Kōshi (Kuchiroro), Hasunuma Shūta, Ametsub, and many more. Check out the two clips below!

A 7" of "Offer" and "medetai" was also released in advance. It's still available at HMV.

A tour will be held in August, starting in Tokyo at Shibuya WWW on August 4. Tickets are on sale.

Tamaki Roy "nagi"
環ROY 「なぎ」

(Producer in parentheses)
1. arasuji (Tamaki Roy)
2. Offer (K.A.N.T.A)
3. shokupan (Shingo Suzuki)
4. harari (Miura Kōshi)
5. On&On (K.A.N.T.A) (Chorus: Kobayashi Utena)
6. tokai no ichimai no hon (Tamaki Roy) (Drums: Yamamoto Akinori (LITE))
7. koto no shidai (Daisuke Tanabe)
8. exchange//everything (Ametsub)
9. yume no ato (Taquwami) (Guest Vocal: OBKR)
10. furukotobumi (Arμ-2)
11. medetai (Hasunuma Shūta) (Guitar & Bass: Ishizuka Syūta, Steelpan: Kobayashi Utena)

B.J.L. x AWDR/LR2 DDCB-13035
Out now (6/21), ¥2600 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , (World), 環ROY「なぎ」を Apple Music で (Japan)
† Tower Records ships within Japan only



"koto no shidai"



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