Takahashi Yukihiro "Life Anew"

Takahashi Yukihiro (YMO) has a new solo album out today. His back band consists of James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins) on guitar, Horie Hirohisa (Neil & Iraiza, The Cornelius Group) on keyboards, Gondō Tomohiko on euphonium (etc.), and Takakuwa Kiyoshi (Curly Giraffe, GREAT3) on bass. Takahashi sings and plays drums. See this band photo at Natalie.

All tracks can be sampled at CDJapan and other retailers.

Also released just a few weeks earlier is a live Blu-ray/DVD titled "One Fine Night ~60th Anniversary Live~" of a special 3½ hour show held on December 22, 2012. This comes with a 3-CD set of the same content plus a 160-page booklet. Find it at Amazon here: Blu-ray, Amazon.

Takahashi Yukihiro can be seen live at the World Happiness festival on August 11. Solo shows will also be held in Tokyo on September 21 and 23.

Takahashi Yukihiro "Life Anew"
高橋幸宏 「LIFE ANEW」

1. Looking For Words
2. All That We Know
3. Time To Go
4. Last Summer
5. End Of An Error
6. The Old Friends Cottage
7. Shadow
8. Ghost Behind My Back
9. That's Alright (It Will Be Alright)
10. Signs
11. World In A Maze
12. Follow You Down

Universal TOCT-29167
Out now (7/17), ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , 高橋幸宏 "LIFE ANEW" (Japan )
† Tower Records ships within Japan only
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"All That We Know"

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Available on Spotify UK too along with several other of his recent releases.

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Nice! Spotify isn't yet available in Japan.

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