TRI4TH "4th Rebellion"

Dance jazz quintet TRI4TH has a 6th album about to be released! Their previous was the 2016-released "Defying", since which they also did a split mini-album with band Calmera titled "Horns Riot" (CDJapan, Amazon). Aside from plenty of new songs, new versions of "Horns Riot" and "N.I.N.K.Y.O." are included. Guest musicians are guitarist Hirama Mikio (ex-Tokyo Jihen) and saxophonist/flutist Aoki Keita (Lost Name).

A tour will be held starting October, to finish at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 16. Tickets are on sale.

TRI4TH "4th Rebellion"

1. Black Crows
2. Rebellion
3. Guns of Saxophone
4. Morning Smile
5. On Fire
6. in the dark
7. Night Fly
8. Basterd
9. Horns Riot (TRI4TH ver.)
10. N.I.N.K.Y.O. (4th Rebellion ver.)
11. Dance'em All (Bonus track)

Playwright PWT-037
Out 9/6, ¥2315 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only


"Guns of Saxophone"

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