Suzuki Keiichi, Higuchi Yasuo "CM Works On Associates Years"

These two collections of rare TV commercial music are of interest! Suzuki Keiichi of the Moonriders has 2 jingles sung by Nomiya Maki (Shiseidō "Shower Cologne III" and Fujix "kimi wa Best Scene") and one by Harada Tomoyo (JA chokin "shin - odoru shakaijin"). Higuchi Yasuo (aka Pico)'s has Konishi Yasuharu credited as "special contributor".

There's also a 3rd related compilation out at the same time, of commercial music by Sakurai Jun, who has been an active CM composer since 50 years ago!

(I could bore you with a long track list of all the products advertised, and at the same time torture myself with looking up their correct English spellings, but I'll just list some of the main advertisers instead.)

"SUZUKI Keiichi CM Works On Associates Years (1977-1989)" 「鈴木慶一CM WORKS ON・アソシエイツ・イヤーズ(1977-1989)」Suzuki Keiichi "Suzuki Keiichi CM Works On Associates Years (1977-1989)"
鈴木慶一 「鈴木慶一CM WORKS ON・アソシエイツ・イヤーズ(1977-1989)」

Some featured advertisers:
Nabisco, Marui, Fujiya, Toshiba, Morinaga,
Toyota, Meiji, Minolta, Shiseidō, Suntory,
Seibu, Asahi, Kenwood, Parco, Nissan,
Knorr, Kikkoman, Kirin, Kōdansha, and more.
(Total 55 tracks)

Solid CDSOL-1194
Out 12/22, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

"HIGUCHI Yasuo CM Works On Associates Years" 「樋口康雄 CM WORKS ON・アソシエイツ・イヤーズ(1972-1991)」Higuchi Yasuo "Higuchi Yasuo CM Works On Associates Years"
樋口康雄 「樋口康雄 CM WORKS ON・アソシエイツ・イヤーズ(1972-1991)」

Some featured advertisers:
Seiko, Seibu, National, Marui, Toyota,
Parco, Sony, Shiseidō, Pioneer, Suntory,
Odakyū, FujiFilm, Mitsubishi, Lipton, Subaru,
United Airlines, Victor, and more.
(Total 66 tracks)

Solid CDSOL-1195
Out 12/22, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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