Sunny Kubota & Old Lucky Boys "One from Sunny's Heart"

This is the 2nd album of Sunny Kubota & Old Lucky Boys, band led by Kubota Shingo who once was the frontman of late 70's new wave band 8 1/2. The band has 10 members including guitarist Muramatsu Kunio (ex-Sugar Babe), keyboardist Kotaki Mitsuru (ex-Cinema), bassist Yajima Chikara (ex-8 1/2), chorist Itō Eriko (who has sung chorus in Pizzicato Five) and "mascot boy" Sasha (once a roadie for bands such as Pizzicato Five, Boredoms and Godiego), just to name a few. Check out the clip below, directed by Tezka Macoto.

Also, just recently, a 7" of catchy tunes "Bubblegum Lovers" and "Adam to Eve no kaori" (from previous album "What's Your Dream?" (2015) (Amazon, CDJapan) was released on label Turtle Snail. It's available at Jet Set. Find details below.

Sunny Kubota & Old Lucky Boys "One from Sunny's Heart"
サニー久保田とオールドラッキーボーイズ 「One from Sunny's Heart」

1. Melody
2. oinori Days
3. Akasaka atari
4. Chirorin
5. Thomas Jerome Newton wa shinazu
6. tsuki no kagayaku yoru ni
7. omoi togeta otoko
8. machi de ichiban no sakaba
9. Candy Box
10. ashita o shinjite

Old Lucky Records OLBS-0002
Out 6/1, ¥2778 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Sunny Kubota & Old Lucky Boys "Bubblegum Lovers" (7")
サニー久保田とオールドラッキーボーイズ 「バブルガムラバーズ」

A. Bubblegum Lovers
B. Adam to Eve no kaori

Turtle Snail TS-006
Out now (5/26), ¥1388 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

"Candy Box (Short ver.)"

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