Sunny Day Service "ichigobatake de tsukamaete" (7"+CD)

Sunny Day Service, the Shibuya-kei roots band led by Sokabe Keiichi and that's been around since 1992, has a new 7" just out! This is their first release following album "Sunny" (2014, Amazon). The video clip features Kaede (Negicco), Un Amin and Shimizu Yumi (lyrical school).

The package contains a CD of the same two songs. Both can be sampled at Jet Set.

Sunny Day Service "ichigobatake de tsukamaete" (7"+CD)
サニーデイ・サービス 「苺畑でつかまえて」

A. ichigobatake de tsukamaete
B. Cobalt

Rose Records ROSE-195
Out now (1/15), ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

"ichigobatake de tsukamaete"

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