Sunahara Yoshinori "Works '95-'05"

Although it's been 5 years since Sunahara Yoshinori's latest album "Lovebeat", all we get is a remastered greatest hits album. This 2CD package will include one disc of a selection of his own solo works, and another disc of his remix/arrangement/production works for other artists. Everything has been remastered by Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound (NYC), making this item not only better than no release at all, but also a must even for the hardcore collector.

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Sunahara Yoshinori "Works '95-'05"
砂原良徳 「Works '95-'05」

砂原良徳 「Works Disc 1: Selected from Original Albums
1. MFRFM (Music for Robot for Music)
2. Stinger Stingray
3. Elegant World
4. Sun Song '80
5. Life & Space
6. Welcome to Japan
7. Hypnotize
8. 747 Dub
9. Balance
10. Lovebeat
11. The Center of Gravity

Disc 2: Selected from Remix & Produce Works
1. Sunahara Yoshinori / Saeko & Minilla (Sound In Space)
2. Cornelius / Moon Walk
3. Yano Akiko / Harusaki-Kobeni (Marin Mix)
4. Great3 / gake~G-Surf (Yoshinori Sunahara Mix)
5. Towa Tei / Lotus Snack and Thinking Machine
6. Fantastic Plastic Machine / First Class '77  
7. The Gentle People / Emotion Heater - remixed by Yoshinori Sunahara
8. Coldcut / Every Home A Prison (Yoshinori Sunahara remix)
9. Sunahara Yoshinori / Robot
10. Aco / yorokobi ni saku hana
11. Supercar / Yumegiwa Last Boy
12. Reggae Disco Rockers / Oasis (y-sunahara's studio re-mix)
13. Rip Slyme / By the Way -YSST remix-
14. Higurashi Aiha / Living Source
15. Denki Groove × Scha Dara Parr / Saint☆ojisan (YSST RMX 2005)

Ki/oon KSCL-1121/2
Out 3/21, ¥3675
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower, Amazon U.S.

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So has anyone mentioned why his output seems to have all but evaporated? I notice it's "'95-'05" and not "'07".

Posted by ndkent on

I agree he doesn't seem to have been doing much, hopefully he's up to something.
He did do at least a song for Aco in 2006, not included on here. and maybe he preferred the two -5's for this release title. :)

Posted by Patrick on

It seems like they had more room to put more tracks on CD 1. And I'm somewhat disappointed in the selections for it. Perhaps there was a request for all albums to be equally represented, but his first album is all dance-poppy whereas his subsequent ones were either mostly or all in the chillout vein. An extra song or two off of Take off and Landing and/or Pan Am would've been a better overivew of his work. And no "Sony Romantic Electro Wave?" That's his best song.

Not sure if I'm gonna pay import prices to get it shipped to the U.S., even if the tracks are remastered.

Posted by Brian on

I _just_ heard that he has a new album in the works, to be released hopefully this summer.

Posted by Patrick on

I did end up getting it. The remastering helped, but more for providing some clarity than the usual "boost-up-the-sound" remastering. There was space on CD 1 to put at least one more track on it, which pissed me off. CD 2 was better than I thought it would be, although it was far from perfect.

I was happy to hear there was a commentary written for each track, but I wasn't totally surprised to find out they're written in kanji. And my Japanese friend doesn't want to take the time to help me out here, so I'm spinning my wheels on this one. Got any leads as to where I can get them translated?

Any more Sunahara news regarding a summer release?

Posted by Brian on

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