Sunahara Yoshinori "No Boys No Cry Original Soundtrack"

A whole 8 years since the amazing album "Lovebeat", Sunahara Yoshinori (ex-Denki Groove) brings us this new original release in the form of his first ever movie soundtrack. The movie is "No Boys, No Cry", a Japan/Korea collaboration directed by Korean Kim Yeon-Nam.

The last track, "Deadly Lovely", is sung by iLL (aka Nakako- ex-Supercar) and also produced by Sunahara.

Short audio sample at Sony (click the small speaker on the left)
Movie official site (more sounds in the trailer on top page)

Sunahara Yoshinori "No Boys, No Cry Original Soundtrack"
砂原良徳 「No Boys, No Cry Original Soundtrack」

1. Sunset Blue (Opening Version)
2. Rain Noise
3. Black Water Surface
4. Transport
5. Tiptoeing
6. Float
7. Green Pattern
8. Arista
9. Piano Room
10. Echo Drums
11. Monologue
12. The Stairs
13. Charge
14. Wave Motion
15. Invisible Silence
16. Underwater Ballet
17. Sunset Blue
18. Deadly Lovely (Movie Version)

Ki/oon Records KSCL-1420
Out 7/29, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV

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