Sunaga t Experience "jazz et jazz"

Sunaga t Experience (MySpace), the club-jazz-turned-real-jazz solo unit of Sunaga Tatsuo, has a 4th album coming! This comes 3½ years after the previous, "A Letter from Allnighters" that was very jazzy, entirely recorded with a full band.

The new album features dahlia, mama! milk, Akiko Grace, Toyama Takeo, Likkle Mai, Timo Rassy, Sofia Finnila, arlie, Gerardo Frisina, and more... A few tracks can be sampled at MySpace.

Tower Records and HMV offer a bonus free 7" record (while supplies last)! Be sure to pre-order early!

Sunaga t Experience "jazz et jazz"

1. Autumn Frost
2. Confidential
3. Lilian Mode
4. The St. Vitus Dance
5. Brighter Bossa
6. Sketches Of TY
7. On The Corner Where You
8. A Kite
9. Atmosphere
10. Gold 'n' Silver
11. Hats off to Luciano Berio
12. Kōshukaidō wa mou aki na no sa

Geneon Universal Entertainment GNCL-1228
Out 12/2, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV

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