Sunaga t̀ Experience "A Letter from Allnighters"

After all those compilations released recently, it has finally come: a new Sunaga t̀ Experience album! This will be Sunaga Tatsuo's 3rd solo album, and might be yet a bit more jazzy than the previous ones.
Out on Konishi day (5/24).

Sunaga t̀ Experience "A Letter from Allnighters"Sunaga t̀ Experience "A Letter from Allnighters"

1. Jazz All Nighthers narr. Tachiki Fumihiko
2. In Case of Emergency
3. Metropoli
4. Love is a Bird feat. Sheila Landis
5. Nostargic Eyes feat. Arisaka Mika
6. Versiliana Samba
7. Dig the Nu Breed
8. A Healing Blue feat. Sheila Landis
9. High at “NOON” (Dedicate to NOON Osaka) feat. Arvin Homa Aya
10. Sasuke
11. Cuba Libre
12. Edward Hopper
13. Versiliana Samba The Five Comers Quintet Version (Bonus track)

Flower Records FLRC-045
Out 5/24, ¥2580 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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