Shinohara Tomoe "★asoFever 2005★ ~'kiniro no Gashbell' Ending theme"

Shinohara Tomoe is back with a first music release since (I think) the ZuTTO single in January 2004. The single is an ending theme for the anime series kiniro no Gashbell, and is arranged by Kagami.
Thanks to Nick for the heads-up!

Shinohara Tomoe "★asoFever 2005★ ~'kiniro no Gashbell' Ending theme"
篠原ともえ 「★遊FEVER 2005★ ~『金色のガッシュベル!!』エンディングテーマ」

SHINOHARA Tomoe "★asoFever 2005★ ~1. ★asoFever★
2. ♣oyatsu♣
3. Stereo Phonics

Pony Canyon PCCG-00690
Out 10/19, ¥1200 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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New Tomoe Shinohara is great news! A CD collection of her singles would be a great CD.

Posted by Michael on

About what exactly was her last release ...well if you want to get picky ;-) there's that "Why Why Monster" - song album that came out in February. It's not her own material.

Posted by ndkent on

Hey Patrick,

are u gonna get this new Tomoe single??? Also, I'm interested in that Futon album... did you get it finally? I don't know why but the concept of that band reminds me of the excellent Modern Choki Chokies, which I discovered thanx to you (domo arigatou, Patrick-sama!!)


Posted by Damian on

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