Shinohara Tomoe "Super Model 15th Anniversary Edition" (CD+DVD)

Celebrating the 15th years of Shinohara Tomoe's debut album "Super Model" comes this limited anniversary edition. Produced by Denki Groove's Ishino Takkyū with Sunahara Yoshinori, Pierre Taki, CMJK, and also Chikada Haruo, Nakahara Masaya, Surf Coasters and more, this is a hyper pop gem of its time.

This remastered anniversary edition contains bonus tracks, and comes with a DVD with 3 original music videos ("Chime", "kurukuru Miracle", "Ultra Relax"), rare footage and commentary by Tomoe and Takkyū. A must for collectors, but may also feel really fresh to new listeners who are enjoying the current techno-pop boom.

Shinohara Tomoe "Super Model 15th Anniversary Edition" (CD+DVD)
篠原ともえ 「スーパーモデル 15th Anniversary Edition」

1. kurukuru Miracle
2. yaruki Sensation
3. Rainbow rara ru-
4. wasurechau mon (Acrobat mix)
5. Chatterley fujin ni akogarete
6. Super Model
7. Shinohara Tomoe no Kurekure Takora
8. I Love You, De Ja Vu
9. Meruhen bushi
10. yonosa
11. Chime
12. kurukuru Miracle (Reprise)
13. wasurechau mon
14. Ultra Relax
15. Rainbow rara ru- (nokinoki Ultra Mix)

Ki/oon KSCL-1602
Out 6/30, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
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"kurkuru Miracle"

"Ultra Relax"

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