Shinohara Tomoe "-:*Oh Yes Say LaLa*:-"

Here's Shinohara Tomoe's 2nd album this year, following "-:*Better*:-" out on January 11. Again this is all written, programmed, produced and illustrated by herself.

The artwork for this album even contains photos of herself wearing self-designed costumes to go with each song.

Shinohara Tomoe "-:*Oh Yes Say LaLa*:-"
篠原ともえ 「-:*Oh Yes Say LaLa*:-」

1. *Oh Yes Say LaLa*
2. ~HanaTsubaki~
3. . Namida .
4. I My NA maMa
5. - Listen to my Heart -
6. .:*Jasmin*:.
7. ? WHY WHY WHY ?
8. ++ KiMi Wa Orange ++

Out 2/22, ¥1600
Order: Amazon

Sampler clip

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It's funny to see how a relatively well known artist like her has a new release and it's only available on Amazon... :/

Posted by Damian on

There's a good reason for it. She chose to not get involved with a record label or distributor, and do everything by herself. This is a pure independent release.

Most large online retailers only deal with distributors, but Amazon has a way for people to sell their products directly.

Posted by Patrick on

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