Shibata Satoko "Do You Need a Rest From Love?"

Singer-songwriter Shibata Satoko has a 4th album out today! This is the follow-up to her eponymous album released in 2015. Two songs were arranged by Kishida Shigeru (Quruli), and one by Yamamoto Seiichi (Boredoms).

In June she will tour Japan, finishing on July 6 at Club Quattro in Tokyo. Find all details here.

Shibata Satoko "Do You Need a Rest From Love?"
柴田聡子 「愛の休日」

(Japanese title: "ai no kyūjitsu")

(English titles from iTunes in parentheses)
1. Sprite For You
2. kōkai (Miss You)
3. daisakusen (Confidence)
4. anata wa anata (People and People)
5. tenshi o miteru (Cold Eyes)
6. asonde kurashite (Easy Melody)
7. yubeshi senpai
8. shiwaku (Wonderful)
9. wasuretai (Can't Forget)
10. saba-ku (Sabaque)
11. risu ga kita
12. Coop Olympia (Her Ideas)
13. ai no kyujitsu (Do You Need a Rest From Love?)

P-Vine PCD-18820
Out now (5/17), ¥2593 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Do You Need a Rest from Love? by Satoko Shibata on Apple Music (World), Apple Music 内の柴田聡子 "愛の休日" (Japan)
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"kōkai (Miss You)"

"yubeshi senpai"

Find out more about: KISHIDA Shigeru, SHIBATA Satoko, YAMAMOTO Seiichi

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I wonder if there will be a vinyl release?

Posted by Patrick on

Good question! No word so far I think, but her albums have always been released on vinyl so there's hope.

Posted by Patrick on

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