"Second Royal TV Vol.01 July 2008" (DVD)

Kyoto club label Second Royal offers a first ever DVD! It contains over 70 minutes of... well, this and that. Some party scenes and some talk, and of course music! They warn not to expect too much, but at that small price and including a bonus CD selected by Halfby and a sticker, there's no reason not to pick this up.

This will be sold initially (perhaps only) at indies record shops in Japan including Jet Set. There's also promise a vol.2, but only if this one sells. So the choice is left to you.

DVD trailer on YouTube (with glimpses of Konishi Yasuharu and FPM)

Second Royal TV Vol.01 July 2008 DVD Vol.1 Vol.001"Second Royal TV Vol.01 July 2008" (DVD)
(77 min. / NTSC / all regions)

- Special CD selected by Halfby
- Original sticker designed by Kajino Shōichi (l'appareil-Photo)

Second Royal SRTV-001
Out 7/7, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set (once out)
Also available at: Apres-Midi Selecao, Arch Records, Art Rock No.1, Cornershop, disques dessinee, Flake Records, Gadget, Gaku Free Style, Human Records, Jym And Records, Ticro Market, Keibunsha (most shops might ship only within Japan)

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