Scarlatti Goes Electro "Third Album" (12"+download code)

Scarlatti Goes Electro is a French duo who take Scarlatti pieces and rearrange them in electro fashion. This 3rd album of theirs was praised by Jean-Jacques Perry, and it is being released on vinyl on Japanese label Out One Disc. It's produced by Kishino You-ichi, with remixes by Matsumae Kimitaka and Gangpol & Mit. The whole was mixed by Yoshida Tetsuto.

The album is available on Bandcamp, where it can be bought as a LP that comes with a download code. You can also just buy the album digitally.

Scarlatti Goes Electro "Third Album"
スカルラッティ・ゴーズ・エレクトロ 「電子バロック」

Japanese title: "denshi Baroque"

1. Sonata K. 427, presto quanto sia possible
2. Sonata K. 114, spirito e presto
3. Sonata K. 201 extract, vivo
4. Sonata K. 455, allegro
5. Sonata K. 201, vivo (Gangpol & Mit remix)
6. Sonata K. 531, allegro
7. Sonata K. 431 extract, allegro
8. Sonata K. 105, allegro
9. Sonata K. 456, allegro
10. Sonata K. 461 extract, allegro
11. Sonata K. 427 (Kimitaka Matsumae remix)

Out One Disc OOD12/33-CCCD-001
Out 6/15, ¥2593 (excl. tax)
Order: Bandcamp, Amazon, Tower (Japan only)

Album sampler

Home studio recording session with Noritaka Ubukata

Find out more about: KISHINO You-ichi, MATSUMAE Kimitaka, YOSHIDA Tetsuto

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