Saoriiiii "Freepass License" (Download)

Saoriiiii has a new song out now on iTunes! The electro track was written and produced by SAWA, and it was recorded and mixed by Sasaki Kissa (Recoride).

On June 24 will be held event "Honey" at Lounge Neo in Shibuya from 12:00, with Saoriiiii, SAWA, Aira Mitsuki, The Lady Spade & more! Tickets are available at Peatix.

Saoriiiii "Freepass License" (Download)
Saoriiiii 「フリーパス・ライセンス」

Out now (4/5)
Sample/buy: Freepass License - Single by Saoriiiii on Apple Music, Amazon MP3 Japan, Amazon MP3 U.S., OTOTOY

Sampler clip

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