Sakamoto Ryuichi "Ryuichi Sakamoto | Playing the Orchestra 2013"

Sakamoto Ryūichi has released an album with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, as recorded during 3 concerts held in Tokyo and Osaka last May. It had been 16 years since his previous Japan tour with a full orchestra. The album includes soundtrack hits such as "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence", "The Last Emperor", "The Sheltering Sky", as well as Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Castalia", etc., all in orchestral arrangements.

Sakamoto Ryuichi "Ryuichi Sakamoto | Playing the Orchestra 2013"
坂本龍一 「Ryuichi Sakamoto | Playing the Orchestra 2013」

1. Still Life - orchestra version(20130507_osaka_festival_hall)
2. Bibo No Aozora (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
3. Amore (20130509_tokyo_suntory_hall)
4. Castalia (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
5. After All (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
6. Bolerish (20130509_tokyo_suntory_hall)
7. Ichimei - small happiness ~ reminiscence (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
8. Theme For Yae (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
9. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
10. Rain (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
11. The Last Emperor (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
12. The Sheltering Sky (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)
13. Aqua (20130510_tokyo_metropolitan_theatre)

commmons RZCM-59475
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"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"
(Might be a version different than the one on this album.)

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