Ryoma Maeda "Rhapsody In My Life" (Download)

Following album "Fantastic Suicide", Ryoma Maeda (aka milch of source, producer for EeL) is back with a new album in a completely different direction. Consisting mainly of solo piano with lots of editing, the result is beautiful and refreshing.

The album is available on iTunes worldwide and Amazon MP3.

Ryoma Maeda "Rhapsody In My Life"

1. Without Haste, But Without Rest
2. Run Faster Than Beauty
3. Anti - Musics
4. Humorless
5. Rythem - Rythem - Rythem
6. Laughter Is Timeless
7. In The Rain
8. The Goal Of All Life Is Death
9. Days In September

milch records
Out now (10/25)
Sample/buy: Rhapsody in My Life by Ryoma Maeda, Amazon MP3 U.S., Amazon MP3 Japan

"Run Faster Than Beauty"

Digest clip

"Anti - Musics"

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