Robochu "Scrappin"

Rapper Robochu, lately often seen on stage with Scha Dara Parr but also as the leader of 90's hip-hop group Dassen 3 and a member of Donuts Disco Deluxe (with Afra and Ani (SDP)), has released a new album. It had been about 15 years since his first and previous album, "ginga hanten" (2002). Featured are many guest artists including Afra, Kuma The Shre Shot, Evisbeats, Urban Volcano Sounds, Matsumoto Hisataaka, Tsuchie, Compuma, Punch&Mighty, Katokichi, Soga Daiho and Compuma. A cover of Slick Rick's "Hey Young World" previously released on 7" is included.

Many tracks can be sampled at Jet Set.

A special event will be held on Saturday February 10 at Grassroots in Higashi-Koenji, wtih Robochu, Compuma and more.

Robochu "Scrappin"
ロボ宙 「Scrappin」

1. session 08
2. letter from inogashira
3. ongaku no ryōrihō
4. hey young world
5. walking
6. saku saku
7. skit skit
8. funky na Music
9. sunshower
10. tegaki
11. good ones
12. Rough Sketch 2017
13. kanpeki

Out now (1/31), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Newtone Records

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