Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?"

After the release of two 7" singles, here's a first album by Reina & The Blue Valentines, girl band fronted by Nosa Reina (whose latest solo album "don't kiss, but yes" was produced by Takanami K-tarō (ex-Pizzicato Five)) and formed on Valentine's Day 2014. Almost exactly a year later, this new album comes with a description of "danceable kayō mod pop".

Check out the music video and sampler clip below.

Free in-store events will be held at HMV Record Shop Shibuya on February 11 from 20:00 (details), and at Tower Records Shinjuku (7th floor) on February 15 from 12:00 (details). A special event will also be held at Disk Union's dues in Shinjuku on February 14 for those who bought the CD at Disk Union (details).

Reina & The Blue Valentines "Lady or Girl?"
野佐怜奈とブルーヴァレンタインズ 「Lady or Girl?」

1. hoshi furu oka
2. koi no Scramble kōsaten
3. katte ni Destiny
4. uragiri no machikado
5. warui onna
6. Space Camera
7. moon night bossa
8. Rock 'n' Roll Drive
9. nee
10. kyō wa sayonara

Apricot Sounds ACDS-1
Out 2/11, ¥2315 (excl. tax)
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† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"hoshi furu oka"

Sampler clip

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"Space Camera" (7"+CD)
"hoshi furu oka c/w warui onna" (7"+CD)

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