"Readymade*Hasebe-shachō no himitsu Diary" (Book)

レディメイド*はせべ社長のひみつダイアリーWell worth a mention, Readymade Entertainment, Tokyo. / Readymade International boss (and wife of Konishi Yasuharu) Hasebe Chisai's popular "secret diary" blog is being published as a book. The obi has a comment by manga artist Anno Moyoko.
Her previous book, 「有閑マドモワゼル」 (French title "vivre sa vie", 127 p.) Buy at Amazon.co.jp was released in 2002 as part of a series of three, the two others by Konishi-san and Comoesta Yaegashi.

新・レディメイド*はせべ社長のひみつダイアリー (the on-going blog)

"Readymade*Hasebe-shachō no himitsu Diary" (Book)
A5 size, 269 pages (Japanese)

Readymade International (ISBN: 4902824051)
Out 5/17, ¥1365
Order: Amazon, HMV

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