Ram Rider "Portable Disco 8bit edition"

Vocoder house artist Ram Rider has a remix album of songs from its first album "Portable Disco" coming up. The theme is "8-bit", and of course when you say 8-bit music you think YMCK, and they indeed have remixed not one, not two, not thr.. a whole FIVE songs!

Ram Rider "Portable Disco 8bit edition"

Ram Rider "Portable Disco 8bit edition"1. yumedeaeruyo by YMCK
2. Wonderful Film by Tanikugu
3. Headroom Disco by YMCK
4. Mirrorball by Far East Recording
5. Sun Lights Stars by Covox
6. Feels Gonna Feel by Covox
7. Hello by YMCK
8. Sweet Dance by YMCK
9. Door by Covox
10. Space Walk by Tanikugu
11. Secret Dance by Tanikugu
12. Music by YMCK

rhythm zone RZCD-45357
Out 4/26, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, RAM RIDER - PORTABLE DISCO 8bit edition

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