Q.,indivi "ComeBAby"

This one almost slipped through... Producer Tanaka Yusuke's new project Q.,indivi has a first release out now on Felicity's citys label. The producer is best known for Yuki's "Joy" and Halcali's "Tips Taps Tip". Included is a bonus remix CD with remixes by Halfby, Cubismo Grafico and Riddim Saunter.

Q.,indivi "ComeBAby"

Q.,indivi "ComeBAby"CD 1
1. a prelude
2. ComeBAby
3. Just
4. stay Awake
5. shine

CD 2
6. ComeBAby (this is the Halfby Remix)
7. Just (Riddim Saunter Remix)
8. stay Awake (*cbsmgrfc Mixx Beauty Mixx)

citys MTCD-5016/17
Out 7/26, ¥1800
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower

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