Playboy Playgirl

Advocates Bar, located in Shinjuku 2-chōme (Tokyo's famous gay area), will host an event paying tribute to Konishi Yasuharu! All DJ's should be playing mostly (if not only!) Konishi works!
Sounds like a must-go for Konishi fans!

Early-goers will be given a special mix CD by Hirabayashi Shinichi.

A bit of trivia...
This "concept" blurb at the event's official site contains several popular nicknames for Japanese artists Konishi-san has produced: Kyon-kyon, Fuka-kyon, Ayaya, Fu-min, Akko, Fifi, Matsuken.
How many can you figure out? :)
(Answer below.)

Playboy PlaygirlPlayboy Playgirl
On 9/3 (Friday), opens at 21:00
DJs: DJ Yoshio (Readymade), Hirabayashi Shinichi (Moodsville Records), masa, butio, coba (not the accordionist)
Show: Esmeralda and NIKUJŪBAN Gebumi
Place: Advocates Bar, 2-18-1 Shinjuku B1F (map (at the bottom))
Fee: w/o flyer ¥3000 (1 drink), w/ flyer ¥2500 (1 drink), free for dragqueens and transvestites

Kyon-kyon = KOIZUMI Kyōko, Fuka-kyon = FUKADA Kyōko, Ayaya = MATSUURA Aya,
Fu-min = HOSOKAWA Fumie, Akko = WADA Akiko, Matsuken = MATSUDAIRA Ken.
Anyone knows who's Fifi?


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