Plastic Sex Night: live at Soft

Plastic Sex, the unit of Nakanishi Toshio (ex-Plastics) and Nomiya Maki, will perform a live show at Shibuya Soft this Thursday!

There will also be shows next month in Kobe (6/12 at Beber) and Osaka (6/13 at Noon).

Plastic Sex Night
on 5/22 (Thursday)
at Shibuya Soft

Plastic Sex "Here comes SEX education"Live:
Plastic Sex
Nakanishi Toshio (ex-Plastics)
Nomiya Maki (ex-Pizzicato Five)

Opens at 20:00, show starts at 22:00
Price: ¥1000

See also:
Plastic Sex "Here comes SEX education" (2005)
Plastic Folk / Plastic Knife "Billion Knives & Folks and Disk One" (2006)

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