Plastic Folk live

Plastic FolkPlastic Folk, the folk/quiet rock unit of Nakanishi Toshio featuring Nomiya Maki, will preform a live show that can be seen for as cheap as ¥500! Their album "Billion Knives & Folks and Disk One" was released a few weeks ago.

Plastic Folk live
on 7/10 (Monday)
at Ebisu NOS

Live: Plastic Folk
Live members: Nakanishi Toshio (vocals, guitar), Nomiya Maki (vocals), Ōnishi Tsuru (Bass), Tsunoda Minoru (guitar)

DJs: Endō Sōmei, Chappie (no, not that Chappie)

Starts at 20:30
Price: seat+dinner min. ¥3000 (reservations), or standing ¥500

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