Plastic Folk / Plastic Knife "Billion Knives & Folks and Disk One"

After their Plastics revival unit Plastic Sex that released an album last year, ex-Plastics' leader Nakanishi Toshio and ex-Pizzicato Five singer Nomiya Maki are back again with another brand new project, Plastic Folk / Plastic Knife ("folk" when written out in katakana can also read "fork"). The concept revolves around playing glam rock in a folk way.

The band will also feature members Ōnishi Tsuru on guitar and bass, and also Noemi (dancer from girls-only bar Goldfinger) and Monō Akiko (actress who appeared in films "Stereo Future" and "Samurai Fiction") on chorus. When performing live, they will be joined by Funky Gong (of Joujouka), Yashiki Gōta, Shiino Kyōichi and possibly others.

Their first release will be no less than a 2-CD album, the first CD featuring only original songs, and the second one covers of David Bowie, Terence Trent D'arby, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Tim Buckley, and also To's bands Plastics and Melon.

Plastic Folk / Plastic Knife "Billion Knives & Folks and Disk One"
プラスチックフォーク/プラスチックナイフ 「一兆のナイフとフォークそして円盤1」

Plastic Folk / Plastic Knife "Billion Knives & Folks and Disk One"CD 1
1. Electronic sound no.2
2. Sound kinder garden
3. Curse go back 2 devil
4. Electric circle dance
5. Neon rain drops
6. Hardcore indian
7. Buttercups and daisy fields
8. Triumph
9. Down by the Nile river
10. Electronic sound no.3

CD 2 (cover album)
1. Feel so good (words & music terence trent d'arby)
2. Candy says (words & music Lou Reed)
3. Space ball/richochet& words & music Marc Bolan)
4. Dream city (words & music Toshio Nakanishi)
5. Million years picnic (words & music Toshio Nakanishi)
6. Park (words Toshi music Hajime)
7. Just like you (words & music Bryan Ferry)
8. Siren (Tim Buckley)
9. I'm set free (words & music Lou Reed)
10. Lonely planet (words & music David Johansen)
11. Heaven (words & music David Byrne)
12. Eighteen (words & music Alice Cooper)
13. Final news (words & music Toshio Nakanishi)

Bridge EDG-023/4
Out 6/20, ¥3500
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower

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maybe someday they'll do plastic shonen knife

Posted by ndkent on

maki singing a ttd cover? The world really does go around.

Posted by evaristo on

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