Pizzicato One "One And Ten Very Sad Songs" (12")

Konishi Yasuharu's first solo album as Pizzicato One has just been released on vinyl. You'll find all songs from the CD released last May. Be sure to check out the different artwork made especially to be better appreciated in its full 12" splendor.

Pizzicato One "One And Ten Very Sad Songs" (12")
PIZZICATO ONE 「11のとても悲しい歌」

A1. to learn to sleep alone (Konishi Yasuharu)
A2. One (Harry Nilsson) feat. Rosy
A3. Imagine (John Lennon) feat. Marlena Shaw
A4. A little bit of soap (Bart Berns) feat. Nicole Willis
A5. Bang bang (Sonny Bono) feat. Maia Hirasawa
A6. A day in the life of a fool (Luiz Bonfa) feat. Gwyneth Herbert
A7. If you went away (Marcos Valle) feat. Marcos Valle
B1. I wanna be loved by you (Herbert Stothart-Harry Ruby) feat. Wouter Hamel
B2. Maybe tomorrow (Quincy Jones-Marilyn Bergman) feat. Christopher Smith
B3. Suicide is painless (Mike Altman-Johnny Mandel) feat. Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends
B4. If we lived on the top of a mountain (Les Reed-Barry Mason) feat. Eric Matthews
B5. A long hard climb (Ron Davies) feat. Roy Phillips (The Peddlers)

Readymade Entertainment RMELP-009
Out now (8/3), ¥2858 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

"Imagine" feat. Marlena Shaw

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