Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you for vinyl 1 + 2" (12")

Accompanying the release of "pizzicato five we dig you" (formerly entitled "5 minutes of pizzicato five") will be released two 12"'s containing 8 of the cut-ups.
Art direction is of course by Konishi-san. The cover of #1 says "Pizzicatomania no minasan, konban wa." ("To all Pizzicatomaniacs, good evening.", and #2 says "banji kaichou desu." ("everything's perfect!" (the japanese title of song "tout va bien"!)).
Both are limited to only 1000 copies, and will probably be go rare a few days after release.

Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you for vinyl 1"Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you for vinyl 1" (12")

A1. Tokiwa Hibiki "Pizzicato Five no kangaeta koto wa nan desuka"
A2. Cubismo Grafico "PizziCUT Five UP Anthems"
B1. Kawanishi Suguru "A revolt of turntable & p5"
B2. Handsomeboy Technique "Yikes! Peach Cut 5'24"!!"

columbia*readymade 52401
Out 5/24, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set (once out)

Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you for vinyl 2"Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you for vinyl 2" (12")

A1. Boot Beat "exam from 524"
A2. Halfby "pizzichannelesson 5~ HALFBY no josei jōi jidai"
B1. Yoshida Tetsuto "The Ultimate Pizzicato Lesson 5-4-3-2-1"
B2. Sunaga t̀ Experience "radio P5"

columbia*readymade 52402
Out 5/24, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set (once out)

(Thanks to Jon for the tip!)

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Well,what a bad joke, all the vinyl versions are sold out within some hours it seems. Sorry, but what a childish style of fetishism, print some dozens of records for some thousand of listeners. That could really cure me from collecting japanese music, and it`s not the first time, that I'm really angry about the japanese way of selling records...

Posted by Sebastian on

It's often that way. The best is to always pre-order what you really want.

One reason why vinyl pressing is often in low numbers is that there's only one press in Japan and they can't take very large orders. However in this case, the P5 records are being pressed in another country (columbia*readymade said that was the reason for the delay).

Posted by Patrick on

Thanks for the hint! Finally I got the vinyls at jetset, they did hide them in a special corner! Good look, after a series of disappointments I seriously wanted to stop my japanese DJing, no I`ll give me another chance;)

Posted by Sebastian on

Don't give it up! :)

Posted by Patrick on

Wow, those things are already sold out at Jet Set and the other shops Patrick posted as carrying these! Luckily I got mine though Jet Set as well!

Posted by Jon on

That was fast! Earlier today Jet Set still had them on their home page.

Posted by Patrick on

For the record, there were still plenty today at DMR in Shibuya. I was happy to be able to get mine. :)

Posted by Patrick on

Just as a bit of trivia... The records' run-out reads "Simon The Exchange", which lets assume that they were pressed in England.

And surprisingly, [only] one of the 4 sides is engraved in katakana (サイモン ジ エクスチェンジ)! Does Simon speak Japanese!? :)

Posted by Patrick on

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