Pizzicato Five "Couples", "Bellissima!"

The two first albums of Pizzicato Five, "Couples" (1987) and "Bellissima!" (1988), are being re-issued! Both were newly remastered from the original master tapes under the supervision of Konishi Yasuharu himself, and are pressed as high-quality Blu-spec CD2 (they play in normal CD players). "Couples" has liner notes by Kaji Hideki and "Bellissima!" by Nona Reeves' Nishidera Gōta.

Also, Tower Records has exclusive vinyl editions of both albums (although Tower Records online only ships within Japan), mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed in the U.S. Find those here: "Couples" & "Bellissima!". Third-party shopping services such as CDJapan's Special Request Shopping Service and White Rabbit Express are available for those outside of Japan.

Pizzicato Five "Couples"
ピチカート・ファイヴ 「カップルズ」

1. Magical Connection
2. Summertime, Summertime
3. They All Laughed
4. Serial Stories
5. The Apartment
6. What Now Our Love
7. Seven O'clock News
8. Odd Couple and the Others
9. My Blue Heaven
10. Party Joke
11. Two Sleepy People
12. Everytime We Say Goodbye

(Pizzicato Five: Sasaki Mamiko, Kamomiya Ryō, Takanami Keitarō, Konishi Yasuharu.)

Sony MHCL-30392
Out 8/24, ¥2400 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Pizzicato Five "Bellissima!"
ピチカート・ファイヴ 「ベリッシマ!」

1. Planets
2. Temptation Talk
3. Holy Triangle
4. World Standard
5. Couples
6. Sunday Impressions
7. The Swim
8. Seventeen
9. This Can't Be Love
10. The Work of God

(Pizzicato Five: Konishi Yasuharu. Takanami Keitarō, Tajima Takao.)

Sony MHCL-30393
Out 8/24, ¥2400 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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I adore these albums. Bellissima especially. Good to see that taste is still marketable.
I don't know where Japanese music is going in these days of AKB48 and Babymetal...

I've been quietly following your blog for many years. Thanks for your diligent reporting on the scene. Keep up the good work :-)

Posted by Johan Nystrom on

Thank you!! That makes me very happy! :)

Posted by Patrick on

Does they really sound better tan the previous versions? I would get these re-releases if they had added some extra stuff...

By the way, Patrick-san, do you know a new japanese band calles awesome City Club? They souns pretty good!

Posted by Damian on

All I can say is that you have to trust Konishi-san. :) No bonus tracks this time, but there have been discrete tweaks to the designs.

I only heard the name of Awesome City Club, but will have to check them out now that you mentioned them! Thanks for the recommendation!

Posted by Patrick on

Yeah, and also check CZECHO NO REPUBLIC. Interesting indie new-wave bands.

BTW, I've also seen the first albums by ORIGINAL LOVE re-issued. Are they remasters, too? (I wished I could speak japanese lol)

Posted by Damià on

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