Panikaraqs live

There's a new band called Panikaraqs which seems rather interesting...!
Shinohara Tomoe: vocals
Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto): keyboards, musical direction
Steve Eto: percussions
Chikage: dance
No idea what this will sound like!

This is an early announcement of their first show, straight from Steve Eto's diary (check out the photo!).


on 2/4
at Roppongi Super Deluxe

Kuroda Seitarō and Kondō Toshinori (live painting)
Okamoto Toshiko

Yamabe Keiji (Los Apson?)

Opens at 21:00, starts at 21:30
Price: advance ¥3500, door ¥4000

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Well Yuka and Tomoe did a song back in '98. I thought that was pretty good though the vocal content kind of seemed like Tomoe was filling in for Miho because it was calling for that sort of semi-rap delivery. I guess after than Tomoe tried more grown up material (so that might = less fun) and Yuka first got into a very live based sound and then a more avant garde improv thing. But I guess what's promising is Yuka's had a lot of practice doing funky uptempo material.
Thinking about what Yuka's done since then - it's a good question - like one would think the remix she did for Halcali a while back would work better than it did. I don't know - I guess in what I've heard of Yuka the last few years it's like what she's doing is admirable but no longer has the odd unexpected hooks she almost always had years ago.

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That's right! I had forgotten that Yuka appears on "Dream & Machine".

I'm looking forward to hear how this new unit will turn out!

Posted by Patrick on

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