Panikaraqs at Space Force

I really enjoyed Panikaraqs' first show held at SuperDeluxe, and I'm thinking of checking out this one in March which is especially cheap and will feature bonus shows by side-projects of each of the members!

PanikaraqsPanikaraqs / 三月の水祭り (March Water Festival)

Panikaraqs (Shinohara Tomoe, Honda Yuka, Chikage, Steve Etō)
Les Mongus (Yuka & Mooog (Yamamoto?))
Shinohara Tomoe & Chikage unit
Steve Etō solo

On 3/4
Starts at 18:00, ends at 22:00
Place: Nakameguro Space Force (map)
Price: ¥1000 + drink

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yes, I'd think Mr. Yamamoto has the trademark on the 3 "ooo"s

I keep thinking someone should go around calling themselves aRRRp.

hmmm... petty boookla?

Posted by ndkent on

Yeah I'm pretty sure too! I just didn't want to induce error. :)

I'm now definitely going to this one. Should be a kind of strange event as it's held in an art space that doesn't seem to be made for live shows.
Do we sit at the 7m center table while they run around it? I'll report. :)

Posted by Patrick on

no they do the whole show on top of the table

umm it looks easy enough to to push that table against the far wall and stick some risers between the 2 doors & use the room behind the door before the bar as a dressing room. Or perform against the large back wall if the water dancing needs space

I guess if they install art there they are used to refinishing the walls, because any kind of room filling audience in there is likely to scruff up those white walls.

oh, and moOog plugged the show on the

Posted by ndkent on

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