P.O.P "Kiss Me" (Download)

P.O.P, the group of twin rappers with trackmaker Saitō Ryōji, have a new single now available for download and streaming!

The song "Kiss Me" comes along with a very special 360° VR video. When viewed on a PC or smartphone (in the YouTube app) the video can be swiped around to look in any direction, and even the audio will move along as if you were there. Follow the rappers or any of the 6 dancers in scenes shot in various places. This was filmed with the Insta 360 Pro 3D VR camera by Hacosco.

P.O.P have a one-man show coming on Friday September 8 at Moon Romantic in Aoyama (Tokyo). Tickets are on sale. Find all details here.

P.O.P "Kiss Me" (Download)

Out now (8/9)
Sample/buy: P.O.P「KISS ME - Single」を Apple Music で, Spotify, OTOTOY, Amazon MP3 Japan, Amazon MP3 U.S.

"Kiss Me"

Behind the scenes footage

Find out more about: P.O.P

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