P.O.P "Fresh & Step" (Download)

Twin rappers P.O.P, now a trio with trackmaker Saitō Ryōji, have a new single out now on iTunes! Check it out in the video below!

P.O.P's upcoming shows include one on May 12 at Moon Romantic in Aoyama, where they will share the stage with Nakamura Kaho and her band, and each of the two bands will play one song each in turn without a pre-decided set list! Check out P.O.P's full schedule here.

P.O.P "Fresh & Step" (Download)

Out now (4/12)
Sample/buy: P.O.Pの "FRESHにSTEP - Single"を iTunes で, Amazon MP3 U.S., Amazon MP3 Japan, OTOTOY

Video clip

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