Omisohan to Richakohan "Nihao! Zaijian! Yodaredori!!", Vanilla Beans "Tokyo Crawl (Rena ver.)" (Download)

Vanilla Beans are this year celebrating their 10th anniversary! Today, members Rena & Lisa have each released a separate song now available on iTunes Japan and other download/streaming services.

DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan (nickname: Omisohan) and Lisa (nickname Richako, as Richakohan) teamed up for a food-themed single! Together they cooked yodaredori ("mouthwatering chicken", a spicy chicken dish of Sichuan origin), and then turned their memories of that time into lyrics for this new song. Featured musicians are guitarist Furuichi Kōtarō (The Collectors) and percussionist Asakura Shinji (Yoshimba).

Rena collaborated with band Five New Old who wrote new song "Tokyo Crawl" which she sings solo.

Vanilla Beans' 10th anniversary show will be held on October 7 at Shibuya duo Music Exchange (tickets will go on sale August 11). Another one-man show will be held on August 19 at Shibuya Glad (tickets are on sale).

Omisohan to Richakohan "Nihao! Zaijian! Yodaredori!!" (Download)
おみそはんとりちゃこはん 「你好! 再見! YODAREDORI!!」

Out now (8/2)
Sample/buy: バニラビーンズ「你好!再見!YODAREDORI!!(おみそはんとりちゃこはん) - Single」を Apple Music で (Japan), Amazon MP3 Japan

Vanilla Beans "Tokyo Crawl (Rena ver.)" (Download)
バニラビーンズ 「トーキョー・クロール (レナver.)」

Out now (8/2)
Sample/buy: バニラビーンズ「トーキョー・クロール(レナver.) - Single」を Apple Music で (Japan), Amazon MP3 Japan

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