Oikawa Mitsuhiro "Rainbow-Man"

Konishi Yasuharu wrote and produced a track for the new album of Oikawa Mitsuhiro (aka Michie). The track in question, titled "That's Entertainment.", has Konishi's distinctive club sound and sure reminds of Pizzicato Five, and also seems to borrow a bit of melody from Miyamura Yūko's "Mama Told Me".

Audio sample (click the 3rd RealAudio or Windows Media button to sample Konishi's track)

Oikawa Mitsuhiro "Rainbow-Man"
及川光博 「Rainbow-Man」

1. Most Beautiful Night
3. That's Entertainment. 及川光博 - RAINBOW-MAN - ザッツ・エンタテインメント。
4. ponzu ponza- ponzesuto
5. kimi wa kirei
6. unmei no hito
7. Sparkling Girl

Kassai WTCS-1020
Out 11/5, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., 及川光博 - RAINBOW-MAN - ザッツ・エンタテインメント。

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