"Oh! Mikey Hardcore" (DVD)

Coming next month is a new Oh! Mikey DVD, this time containing unreleased episodes that didn't make it to TV. Black humor, adult stuff, you name it. A must for hardcore Oh! Mikey fans!
The DVD's jacket shows Mikey, Lola and Emily as adults.

"Oh! Mikey Hardcore" (DVD)
Region 2 NTSC, 35 mins, 4:3, English subtitles

Oh! Mikey HardcoreIncluding: (unofficial approximate translations)
- 「マイキーの日記」 (Mikey's diary)
- 「愛の診察室」 (Love examination room)
- 「川北家の夫婦ゲンカ」 (The Kawakita's couple quarrel)
- 「女性ドライバーさおり」 (Female driver Saori)
- 「続・女性ドライバーさおり」 (Female driver Saori cont'd)
- 「喫茶パピヨン」 (Coffee shop Papillon)
- 「喫茶パピヨン/幸せな女」 (Coffee shop Papillon / Happy girl)
- 「マイキーの未来」 (Mikey's future)

- interviews with Emily and Lola
- "The Fuccons", English dub shown at the Berlin International Film Festival

Media Factory FFBV-0008
Out 8/26, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
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