Nomiya Maki with Stardust Brothers "hoshikuzu kyoudai, tsuki e yuku" (Download)

Nomiya Maki has a new song out now on iTunes Japan! This space disco track appears in sci-fi musical movie "The Brand New Legend of the Stardust Brothers" directed by Macoto Tezka (son of Tezuka Osamu), to open in theaters in Japan starting January 20, 2018. In this song, Maki sings about the Stardust Brothers who are leaving for a travel to the moon, where their new adventure is about to take place.

This follows the digital release of two other songs from the movie: theme song "hoshikuzu kyōdai no densetsu" sung by the Stardust Brothers (iTunes Japan), and "Dreams Never End" sung by the entire cast (iTunes Japan). A CD soundtrack is also expected to be released on January 10. Stay tuned for details!

There will be a special live event held on January 22 at Shibuya WWW, featuring many of the artists and cast seen in the movie.

Nomiya Maki with Stardust Brothers "hoshikuzu kyōdai, tsuki e yuku" (Download)
野宮真貴 with スターダスト・ブラザーズ 「星くず兄弟、月へゆく」

Out now (12/6)
Sample/buy: 野宮真貴「星くず兄弟、月へゆく (with スターダスト・ブラザーズ) - Single」を iTunes で (Japan)

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