Nomiya Maki loves m-flo "Big Bang Romance"

After their great collaboration song "Cosmic Night Run" (together with Crazy Ken Band), Nomiya Maki and m-flo are back with a new single, "Big Bang Romance". The maxi will include remixes by the great breakbeats pop unit p&art sasanoooha and Famicom rap TongariKids' Nipopo, and of course karaoke tracks. All at a very low and lucky price!

Maki also has a new album in the works, to be released in October.

Nomiya Maki loves m-flo "Big Bang Romance"
野宮真貴 loves m-flo 「Big Bang Romance」

NOMIYA Maki loves m-flo "Big Bang Romance"<br />
1. Big Bang Romance
2. Big Bang Romance (Tongari Nipopo no gokuaku Mix)
3. Big Bang Romance (p&art sasanoooha mix)
4. Big Bang Romance (instrumental)

Rhythm Zone RZCD-45246
Out 9/7, ¥740 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Good sounding single.
The title track is simply, yet catchy. Hopefully allowing for some oricon chart success.
It is also good to see someone else loving m-flo. I guess they are running out of love to give. After listening to this, I realised why it wasn't on BEAT SPACE NINE, it just isn't the right sound

The Tongari Nipopo no gokuaku mix is great! >.<

Posted by Robbie Fargo on

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